Ashley Madison was a website for married people to cheat on their spouses. It was popular for a long time, but hackers stole information from millions of users in 2015. This information included names, phone numbers, and emails.

The hackers released this information online, where people can still search for it. Some famous people, like Josh Duggar and Sam Rader, were also caught in this leak

Ashley Madison List

Yes, there are some famous people whose name comes up again and again that they have created an account on Ashley Madison, below I am making some names.

  1. Ashley Madison’s CEO Himself
  2. Famous Christian Vlogger
  3. Snooki’s Husband
  4. Casey Anthony Prosecutor
  5. Famous Writer for Prominent Magazines (Girl)
  6. Hardcore Islamist Preacher in UK
  7. Famous Family Values Activist of US
  8. Pastor from New Orleans
  9. Josh Duggar
  10. Sam Rader
  11. Josh Taekman
  12. Hunter Biden
  13. Jionni LaValle

Ashley Madison’s privacy policy states that it does not give its customers’ list to anyone. But it is being claimed that some hackers hacked the Ashley Madison’s app and stole this data. With which all these names have been revealed. But still it is not sure who uses this app.