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Unmarried Certificate

An unmarried certificate is a legal document that verifies that a person is single. In other words, this certificate legally denotes an individual’s single status.

This certificate certifies that a person who has not yet married is unmarried and that the sarpanch has confirmed that the person has not yet been married. When you serve in the army, navy, or air force, you will be required to sign an unmarried affidavit. Then, for applicants who are applying for different positions, their Unmarried Certificate Affidavit is prepared in accordance with the requirements.

Unmarried Certificate Application Process

The following is the procedure for obtaining an unmarried certificate:

  • Interested applicants should go to the Suvidha Kendra Centre or the Deputy Commissioner’s office.
  • Applicants must have their documents notarized and attested.
  • In addition, the applicant will be needed to provide an affidavit.
  • Submit the documents, along with the application money, to the authority.
  • A police investigation will be conducted after around 15 days from the date of document submission.
  • During the investigation, the applicant must have at least two witnesses (they can be neighbours)
  • The papers will be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for final attestation after the inquiry process.
  • The applicant will then receive the final certification.
  • If the candidate lives outside of India, they can get their unmarried certification from the Indian High Commissioner.